Outboard Repower

Look Deeper into Repower

Are you happy with your present boat?

Do you like it's classic looks, strong construction and its handling, ride in a heavy sea? Chances are, you like everything about your boat…....except one thing its power.

Or a new boat is out of your budget and you are tired of the financial burden to keep up with the little problems of  an older engine and you want to incorporate the latest in fuel injection or digital technology that your current engine does not support...... not a problem.......... Repower

Unlike a car that is largely used up by the time the engine wears out, a boat can live on, often through several engine changes.   A well designed hull has a timeless style - a thing of beauty whether on the dock or on the water.

Our goal at Mercury Marine is to keep you on the water with your friends and family, with trouble-free boating, thereby earning your trust and loyalty for years to come.

A successful repower project involves two equally important decisions. 

  • Firstly, the selection of the right outboard for your boat and your needs and
  • Secondly the installer.............Mercury Marine authorised Service Centre are trained and equipped to handle all of your engine maintenance service and needs.